Who am I, I am taking back me

Who am I? I’m taking back Me!

Who am I? I am more! What I see in the mirror is not who I am. I am not what I reflect on the world. I’m a wife, Mom, Businesswomen. No. I am a living, breathing, passionate being with hopes and dreams. I put that on hold. For you. Because I love you, or is it because I’m supposed to? I am not sure any more. All I know is that I can not go on anymore. Life as it needs to change. I’m Taking back me!

If this sound familiar, you are at the right place

Our feelings affect many areas of our lives, which can have a positive or a negative effect. Our emotions are not supposed to guide our decisions. However, we can not get away from that. We will guide you through the process.

Im taking back me from Past experiences.

Life happened. Let us deal with it!
Our past affects our present. You have a choice on how you want your past to involve you in your future. What you love to do now may not be what you use to love. Many times we long for the days past; meanwhile, you love your life.

I’m taking me back in my present.

What makes you tick is vital in figuring out who you are. Being overwhelmed with to-do lists a mile long could make you think that you lost your passion. Getting up tired, rushing to get the kids to school on time. Then walk into the office. Starting another meaningless day.

Working (and have nothing to show for it)

Then come home only to rush again, get food ready, homework is done, kids in bed and fall on your bed.

Extremely tired, only to do the same thing tomorrow- Is madness! Nevertheless, you are doing that! Day in and day out.

We want to change that! #ITBM turn your passion into purpose. We make work feel like play and get you out of dreaming into doing. Im taking back Me

To have that maybe one day, start with an action today.

Elize Strauss

Who Am I in the future

We will identify life-defining moments. Deal with distorted thought patterns and use what we learned from them to create your future.

Creating an “I Am- statement to live up to.

Help you write an: “I believe”-statement that will keep you grounded.

And give you an “I give”-Statements to aspire to.

We identify what you stand for to make it easier to say no to anything that will distract you from your goal.


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