Makarios Wellness Centre

Starting with Why

The Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020 forced many companies to pivot or cut their losses and start over.

We recently helped Makarios Boutique Spa to reassess the company structure and rethink its purpose. Starting with their Why made them realise that although their services attract the clients to them, the real reason the clients missed them was for the emotional and spiritual support they gave their clients over the years.

The owners of MBS are both qualified in counselling and Life-coaching. They used their knowledge to serve their clients for many years. Seeing that they have not monetised these services, they realised that they are not being paid for the value they add, but only for the service fees.

Family first

The company’s founder has a firm belief that family comes first. Work should assist your family life, and family should not come second to work. It’s a symbiosis that needs to feed each other and not overpower one or the other. This made them rethink their hours and what they offer.

Changing mindset

Changing their mindsets too, their ideal client is the one who fits the products and services that they offer. Knowing that they have the expert knowledge to educate their clients on what is needed and not what they want. Bringing them to their unique selling point: Exclusive Life changing therapy of exceptional standard! Helping the customer embrace their needs in every situation of life.

Defined target audience

The result is a new service menu that attracts their target client to them. They are thriving! With the work-life balance, they have more time with hubby and kids. they even have time for lunch with a friend now and then. Considering that there is still a pandemic they have to deal with, their income is stable. Their future is promising. They added systems to free their time to focus on what is important to them. Loving and being content in every moment of their life, if it is work or play for them, it is the same!

Thanks, Elize, for helping us see who we are and what we really mean to our clients. With your help, we could change our treatment menu and help our clients in a deeper, more intimate way and charge them for the complete package. I loved how you assisted us and coaching me in new treatments programs, our unique clients market, marketing, website and social media. Your wisdom and encouragement mean so much. I can now focus on the perfect work/life balance and enjoy every second when I'm with my clients and home. Thank you for being part of our new season, and looking forward to our weekly meetings.

YoulaCEO Makarios Wellness Centre