An adventure that challenged me!

“I’m taking back me.”
There’s so much I can say and so much I’ve learnt that it is hard just to start talking.

Where do I begin?
Pulling back the reigns, the reigns of my life, my future. Taking back the boldness and courage on the inside of me!

Working alongside Elize really was an adventure!
Day in and day out, something new-sprung forth challenged me, and something new was developed and discovered.

I identified skills in myself I would never have thought I could possess
Mindsets and negative cycles like “arm gat syndrome” 😂 were broken

I saw and felt that I could have more, be more and create more!
My faith grew and strengthened daily.
I was challenged to take the challenge and to find my voice and use it
I was challenged to be more than what I knew before

Most of all, I am grateful for the Awesome relationship and bond that was formed and still lives on today
I am thankful for the place of safety and freedom to be me
I am grateful for the love of family and lifetime supporters

Elize really does know how to push one to the place of “I’m taking back me” in the most subtle but powerful way!

Here’s to the lifetime journey of I’m taking back me 💃

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