You have to choose to reclaim your peace!

I was tired of rushing from one meeting to another I realised I needed to do something drastic to reclaim my peace. I started to become a nightmare to everyone. An innocent question was answered through frustration and a snappy remark. My husband sat me down and said: “You can not be everything to everyone”. Those words were like oil on a fire. To be honest, I did not respond well.

At that moment I felt that he was the first to want me to be everything to everyone and he could not understand what I, his wife, and a homeschooling, working mother had to endure. Again I chose this life, and I enjoy every minute of it. But we all get out of wack sometimes. Life is fast, and the demands are always there.

Have you ever heard the words If you want something done get a busy person to do it? This is true but the reality is somewhere the busy person will become overwhelmed, and they do not even realise it. Saying yes becomes the norm, and you never take a moment to think anymore.

The first key to reclaiming your peace

You are the only one that can reclaim your peace. No one else will do it for you.

Elizabeth Strauss

Before you realise that everyone will take whatever they can get from you, you will not feel the power of your life lies with you. You will always believe there is no way out.

This brings us to the second key: You can not be everything to everyone

You will disappoint someone some time. I think the question should be what is important at that moment. You can read the article to disappoint or not to disappoint…

You can take a step closer to regaining your peace! It always amazes me how only a few questions can bring you back on track in a moment. Sometimes we are so deep into tasks and performance that we can not see a way out, but that is why the need for coaching is supercritical. After taking the assessment, you will be directed to book a free call if you need help navigating through this process.