I need help

“I need help is not something I want to admit to. I appear completely fine. Still I am overwhelmed. Is this just normal or is there an end to this madness?” Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel that your troubles are not that serious because there are other people with bigger problems than you? Why should you ask for help?

You are worried about: “I have no time for myself.” “Having a thought like this must be wrong!” flashes through your mind. The guilt creeps in and you think you are pretty sure your mom never felt this way. Free time is something you only dream of and a luxury you cannot afford.

If this is you then I’m Taking Back Me Intervention Coaching is your answer!

A Godly fear drives you

A vast majority of women have a Godly fear that drives them. This is the reason you believe that there must be more to life than just surviving. But the evidence you see: is burnout, undelivered promises, and a lot of people doing the right thing all the time without reward.

You have had a lot of well-spoken words about your destiny. But you find yourself wondering if you will find the way to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

You need a Godly intervention to make your dreams a reality. I believe that I am equipped to help you through your limiting thoughts and to embrace the potential that God instilled in you.

How do I love when I have nothing to give anymore?

Your best friend asked you to marry him. That was the happiest day of your life! You promised nothing will change your love for him. Your best friend became your husband, and life will be a joy from now on. To call him your husband was a statement of belonging to someone and being protected.

One day you are completing some documentation, and you read the word co-habitant. Co-habitant? When did that happen?

You are not unhappy. But “Life Happens!” and you cannot be there all the time.

The kids need you, and your husband is a grown-up. Surely he should understand.

Let me help you rediscover your best friend. Let me help you manage your time better. You want the time to look into his eyes and connect again. We can achieve this together.

Can I have a career and kids?

Working mothers are around us every day, and you are one of them. But you are different! You Love your work! Dare you say that?

It does not mean you do not love your kids. You cannot imagine a life without your kids. However, not working is definitely not good for your mental health. For you to feel complete you need the stimulation at work and the love of your kids. As a student, you never dreamt that your professional life would have to be put on a shelf to have children. You have your own business, or you always thought you would have one. Now you think something has to give.

You think that you cannot be the best mom ever and still have energy, for your work-life. Allow me to assist in balancing your life.

My kids are my pride and joy!

Everything was fine. The day was perfect; everyone worked together. We had a lot of fun.

The first guests arrive, and you hear something in the other part of the house. It is probably nothing. Just as everyone gathers around the table, you hear it: “MOM! He punched me in the stomach”. “She pulled my hair!”

There it is. Why can’t they give me one evening of grown-up conversation without drama? The thoughts rush through my mind! “What type of mother am I to think that? I have failed as a parent as my kids cannot behave themselves for one evening? Is this normal? What is normal? Maybe if I did not work as much, or maybe I should have given them more attention?

Your highly educated spouse is giving you the eye as if you should have controlled your kids.

You are not alone! We have all been in situations like this. Your questions are normal. Your reactions to these situations can prevent you from even trying to have friends over while you have kids. This will not be normal.

I can help you to overcome the fear that people are seeing your inability to cope. One of the keys is to have healthy friendships.

How do you stop this overwhelming feeling?

I read an excellent article About 8 Things People With High-Functioning Depression Want You to Know and it made me realize there are many more women that feel this way.

How do you stop feeling like a part-time nanny, teacher, church-going Christian that is constantly faking it? When do you get to see your husband and children?

You have a dream you aspire to and you want to unlocked your full potential without being on-call 24 hours of the day.

I help you take control over your emotions, your thought, and life.

Areas we focus on to take back control:

  • Develop self awareness
  • Be more focussed
  • Form and break habits
  • Learn to say no
  • Learn to learn
  • Carve time to read more
  • Making Decisions
  • Stress management
  • Meditation
  • Solitude
  • Lets get creativity
  • Have fun again
  • Discover your purpose through your talents passions and opportunities
  • Develop your personal brand
  • Be more productive
  • Assertiveness
  • Set goals visualise a new future
  • Tell your story
  • Communication
  • Help you to make your money work for you
  • Connections with the right people
  • Develop your personal philosophy