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Do you have a job that you are passionate about?

How To Combine Passion With Job. It’s time to create an Impact with a pioneering mindset. Day-dreaming about your passion at your job is a very common thing. It is disheartening that many more people hate their job than people who love their job when we are spending more time at work than anywhere else. If you could change that, you should. What is a pioneering mindset? How do you create an impact? 

Can you take a leap of faith, and will you jump ship if another opportunity comes your way?

Don’t be too hasty in answering this question. In my experience, many people have had plenty of opportunities to get out of their unsatisfying job situations, but they do not leap at that chance of something new.

Understandably many factors will keep you from making that change. The biggest one is – you need the money! Not everyone can take a risk,  but there is another side. You might be good at your job, but the conditions around your job are not that good.

Living a life with Passion and Purpose is not such a far fetched idea.

Firstly, we need to establish the meaning of Passion and Purpose.

Purpose speaks to the reason you do things, whereas Passion are those things that make you feel good; that feed your emotions.

It is an illusion that any job will ignite passion. There are always some aspects of a job that you will not like. For example, some people have a passion for cooking, but that does not mean they need to become a chef. Have you ever considered that they will lose their love of cooking when they become chefs? This might be where you are at now.
You started your career with passion, but repetition made you lose your zeal for your job.

Circumstances might not always change but your purpose can ignite your passion

I recently spoke to a woman who lives in dire circumstances, and for years, she dreaded going home. Until her breakthrough! No, she did not move. She had a shift in her mindset. She realised that her being there was meant for good and not evil. She was not in that situation because the Creator wanted to harm her. She was the one to influence and change the atmosphere. Now she has a new jump in her step. She is looking for ways to pray more effectively. She is looking for opportunities to be the change. 

By tapping into her passion for God, she found purpose in her situation and is now creating an impact in a very bleak situation.

How do you  combine your passion with your job? 

 Let me reveal the secret to combining your passion and your job. It is your mindset. How you think about your purpose affects the way you do things. When you have a higher sense of what you are working towards, you will more easily be able to work through mundane tasks or even unhealthy circumstances. 

When you are a believer, you have an inherited purpose 

Jesus’s words give purpose, and when we read this and make it our own, we tap into a freedom that extends beyond our ordinary lives. Now, every person you meet is someone that you can impact.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about bible bashing people or having the turn or burn approach. That may be destructive. A life lived with integrity makes you trustworthy. However, a life filled with His presence opens your eyes to possibilities that are not always apparent. 

In other words, you get up with excitement, knowing that you have an opportunity to play a role in helping someone.

The simple solution to combine your passion with your job?

Be passionate about something bigger than yourself. That is to say when you put yourself on hold. Soon you will see as you fuel your passion for God, He will reveal your purpose. 

Your purpose will transcend your job.

Now that we have answered how to combine your passion with your job let’s look at how to create impact with a pioneering mindset.

What is a pioneering mindset?

According to  https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pioneer

The essential meaning of pioneer

  1. a person who helps create or develop new ideas, methods, etc.
  2. Someone who is one of the first people to move to and live in a new area.

 (the pioneers who settled in the American West in the 19th century)

Are you a person who has a passion for doing new things?

Do you start businesses or clubs? Are you the one to initiate new restaurants and launch new ideas constantly? to clarify, you can consider yourself a pioneer. 

I thought a pioneer is exclusively someone who is one of the first people to move to and live in a new area, an experience I have not had yet. 

Embrace the uniqueness

I embraced my uniqueness years ago when I realised that I had moved 43 times in my life, and I was only 40 years old. And at that stage, I had been living in the same house for almost nine years. I do not suggest you should pack your bags and go. Not yet anyway. However, maybe your unique circumstances are preparing you to go where no one has gone before in your family. 

For some, that might mean studying; for others, it could be starting a business, moving to a farm, getting married or not. Whatever your “different” is, you can look at it through the glasses of a pioneer.

Do you feel that nudge to move and work or study abroad?

Is your Pioneering spirit jumping for joy right now?
I hope this article will ignite that flame and give you the tools to take that next step.
There is a little bit of a pioneering spirit in all of us. When you look at any two year old, you will see it. There is no place they will not peek into, nothing they will not want to touch, feel or sense. Over the years, we get conformed to thinking the way people around us does.
In life, we will be faced with the unknown, and when this happens, we can react in two ways. Some will sit back and dream about future possibilities. Many will then act on those dreams, get up and implement steps to go. The other reaction is to say, “oh no, that’s not for me. I can not go”.
I’m here to say: “Yes, You Can!”.It can be scary, and you might not know where to start. You might not know where to move first. These are all normal emotions when stepping into the unknown. It is exciting and scary at the same time, but we are here to help.

Join our Movement at Tent International.

Tent International Help you get ready to go into the unknown. With a GO Ahead program we equip you to adapt cross cultures.  We teach you how you can serve God as you work, study or do business. 

Find a new tribe through peer mentoring.

Worldwide network and prayer support.

It is much easier to talk to someone who has been where you are now, who knows your fears, hopes and dreams and helps you overcome them. We will talk you through the practical implications, the highs and the lows and the nitty-gritty. From the where, what, when, and how,
to the “how do I help my family(especially the moms) who I leave behind?”. It’s not easy for a mom to accept when she needs to spread her wings.
Through this process, you will find a new tribe that becomes family. We will support you and your family in the known.

We have got you covered. Yes, even as you read this message, you can be assured that we have prayed for you. We prayed that you would find a safe place where you can be who God created you to be. We prayed that we would be able to assist you in your journey into the unknown. We have a team of prayer warriors that intercede on your behalf in all your endeavours.

You become part of networking with people who are planning to work cross-culturally.

We assist you in your job search abroad.

There is safety in numbers, and we are all in different stages of our journeys, but the network becomes a family that you can trust and rely on.
We are only one e-mail away.

We can not promise jobs. After all, this is a door only God will open for you. But, we do reach out to a network that operates worldwide. Because we have been doing this for more than 21 years, we have built relationships over many countries. Tent International knows the steps and procedures and what direction to point you in, where to start, and if we can, we make connections. We assist you in your application process.

There is one requirement. If you want to enrol in the GO Ahead program, you need first to take the GO Equipped course. You can find out about the GO Equipped program here 

It's mind-blowing how a pioneering mindset can be the backbone to influence.

You do not need to move abroad to create an impact. You can be the change right there where you are in the current job you have or the new one you will have. To find creative ways to look with fresh eyes at a situation is something you can learn. Being the go-to person for problem-solving is a valuable asset to any company.

Tent International is the go-to leader on how you can increase your influence in your community without needing any extra bells and whistles, without having millions in the bank or having the “correct” skills. You do this by doing whatever you do in excellence, through hard work and integrity.

With many courses and networks, you will find a resourse centre to solve many issues on a practical level for anyone who wants to make a difference. One of the many courses is about Leadership that changed my life. 

Read all about it in a blog https://www.imtakingbackme.com/are-you-a-good-boss/

Exciting Event Comming Up

Get on the list to join us for a creative retreat from 21-24 September 2022. This will be an online and in-person event. We will show you how to combine your passion with your job and create an Impact!

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Planning retreat for tentmakers world-wide in South Africa

Cape Town and its surroundings will be the playground when Tent South Africa and Powerhouse International invites to worldwide retreat in September. 

Cape Town in the springtime gives great opportunities for new experiences. There will be good room in the program to rest from stressful work that you may have. At the same time, we will use the outdoor arena to start creative processes that can help us to look in new ways at challenges we may face, and help us to refocus on Jesus and the passion and calling he has given to us.

The program for the event that will start on Wednesday September 21 and last till Saturday September 24, is still in the making.  however we promise a varied experience.

“There will be sessions with teaching and sharing, but no speaker will be allowed to talk for more than 30 minutes. Instead, we will focus on experiencing what God can give through what he has already made available in South Africa. Hopefully we can get a taste of South Africa and of heaven at the same time.

The retreat is made for people who serves as tentmakers today, or plan to do so in the future.