I'm taking back me in Business
I'm taking back me in Business
Grow your business with I’m taking back Me Business Intervention

Growing your business takes on a new shape with I’m Taking Back Me-Intervention Coaching. We are not your one fit for all consultancy company. We have a holistic approach, looking after everything from personal development, compliance and structure in your business, identifying your personal ideals and merging them with your business goals. 

Taking your leadership style into account we, analyse current and future staff members giving your company the advantage of having a balanced group of people that complement each other’s strengths and enabling you to work together as one team. Growing your business while you are changing lives is an added benefit of being an entrepreneur.

Together we manage any blockages or issues so that they don’t stop progress. 

Dreaming big is key to growing your business.

Dreaming big does not scare us. We encourage it, but we will help you implement small actionable steps to reach your dream, taking into account time, resources and risk management.

Attracting the ideal client to the service that you have to offer. Although it seems easy, there is a science to it. Before you do not have the time to do it, implementing systems, creating habits that will keep you actively sourcing new potential clients while you service current clients. 

How to attract money is different from knowing how to let your money work for you. Your business will be growing faster by being profitable. This is our main focus from day one and not only a pipedream.

We will help you control every facet of your business, even those you don’t even know to exist. Before they are needed, putting systems into place helps you focus on that which you love to do and make you money.

Master your purpose! Living purposefully, taking control, and impacting your community while having a work-life balance between enjoying the fruits of your labour is our aim.

ITBM Business-Intervention Coaching to assist you in growing your business

#ITBM Discovery

Grow your business to Discover who you are with ITBM Intervention

Knowing how you are wired brings so much freedom. Embracing why you do, what you do, and how you approach any situation helps you identify what you need to change. Don’t let that dream slip away! If keeping on the path you are on at this moment is not an option anymore.
It would be best if you had an #ITBM Intervention Coach. Read More

#ITBM Business Identity

Who am I

Our feelings affects many areas of our lives. Our feelings are not supposed to guide our decisions, but it does. Many times it is because we don’t know why we behave a certain way. Knowing your leadership style can set you free free.. Read More

#ITBM Business Strategy


#ITBM Creating a presence

In a perfect world, you are fully equipped to start making money. You have done all the work and have a clear understanding of who your company is and what you stand for. You know now what you are selling is so much more than a product or service. But no one else knows who you are, what you sell or that you even exist.

#ITBM help to establish a brand to grow your business

We collaborate with a Marketing company to put you on the map. Before giving you an estimate, they will explain why they do it and what outcome you can expect. Unlike any other marketing company, they will educate you on the why and, if needed, the how. They will give a short tutorial on doing some of your own marketing and templates to save some cost. Collaboration is a key to any small business success, and you will be wise to meet with them.

#ITBM Leadership

I am a leader

Being a nice person does not guarantee that you are a good leader. Many businesses fail because of a lack of leadership. Expecting everyone to behave the same or do as I say because I said so are the first signs that your business needs help developing leaders. 

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#ITBM Financial Planning

How to attract money and know-how to let your money work for you are two different things. Being Profitable is our main focus from day one and not only a pipedream.

 #ITBM Ongoing Support

Grow your business with ongoing support from ITBM

Ongoing support for business and personal development is an ongoing process. You will have to adapt to many changes constantly. We offer our clients different levels of ongoing support.# ITBM-Ongoing business support. Read More