Leadership has the ability to give life to a person. Unfortunately, leadership also has the ability to bully and kill dreams. Being a nice person does not guarantee that you are a good leader. Many businesses fail because of a lack of leadership. Expecting everyone to behave the same is the first sign that your business needs some help in developing leaders.

Why is leadership important?

Do you direct, guide or influence people? You are a leader! Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur or employee. Leadership is not about you but the team! Working together can be one of the most rewarding strategies implemented in an organisation or your family. When your team accomplish specific goals is rewarding. But being part of a team where everyone fights is a nightmare and the damage it causes is high.

One of the many tools we use is LEMON Leadership®.

LEMON Leadership®
LEMON Leadership® Im taking back Me

Discover What Type Of Leader You Are

LEMON Leadership® will help you identify which type of leader you are and show you how to apply your specific characteristics within your organisation. Understanding these leadership types will uncover keys to dealing with yourself and others in situations calling for different types of leaders.

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We do Workshops and use LEMON Leadership® to shine a light on many issues.

1. Communication

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another. Communicating effectively is not as easy as it sounds. Equipping you with practical solutions to

2. Personal conflict resolution

Our feelings affect many areas of our lives. Our feelings are not supposed to guide our decisions, but it does. Many times it is because we don’t know why we behave a certain way. Knowing your leadership style can set you free. Read more https://www.imtakingbackme.com/2021/04/30/who-am-i-im-taking-back-meam-i/

  • Leading through failure
  • Growth paths and Human Resource planning,
  • Recruiting and retention
  • Selling and communication strategies
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Driving innovation throughout the organization
  • Team building and team dynamics

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