The Conference that will explode your creativity

Why attend?

Unlock your creativity

Blaze! The event of the year! Unlock your creativity to transform communities—a four-day event for anyone that wants to expand their effectiveness in spreading the gospel. 

The gathering will include workshops, fascinating talks, and giveaways to help you reconnect with God, our ultimate source of creativity. 

Tap into His creativeness to improve your problem-solving skills. Help transform the community you live in, one person at a time. 

Do I have to Be an artist or creative?

Absolutely NOT!

We will show you how God’s creativity is already evident in your life. But this conference will open you up to NEW! The Word is full of promises about new different things we have not seen yet. We are not open to new possibilities when we are set in our way or stuck in a rut. This conference will allow you to experience something new in a safe setting. Explore the hidden talents you packed away as a child or discover something completely different only because you are open to being transformed by God. 

And above all 

Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

Know the

keynote speakers

Learn from the best in the field

Dr Merrel Grootboom

A Blaze of Creativity!


A Blaze of Colour!

What you will get

We have created four days of amazing workshops,

 inspirational life experiences,

 and oportunities with like-minded people for you to connect and learn from.

 Get your tickets and begin an adventure of transformation.

13 Speakers
6 Workshops
- Blaze your way through break through!

Are you Ready?

Make new connections that will help you transform your community

Are you ready!

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Wednessday 21 September

22 September

23 September

24 September

4 ways to start your adventure to transformation

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