For many years I wanted to please everyone around me. As a young wife, I lived for my husband, and when he left, I had no friends. And as a result of working too hard, I had no life.

Being a mom is the best thing that happened to me. I loved my job but thought that being a mom meant I had to give up my career. As a result, I poured all my love into my children but still felt I was missing out! I became involved in every group or event at school and church. I became so busy that I had no time for my family. I had to do something to change! Failing forward taught me to accept that change is a constant.

I also realised that I was an entrepreneur, and if I did not stimulate that part of me, I would never be satisfied. Slowly but surely, I started to surround myself with a team that allowed me to be a wife, a homeschooling mom and have my feet in business and ministry.

I have been doing intervention coaching for the last 18 years. My mission is to help you to take back control of your life and business. I use various NLP techniques combined with a valuable set of skills, knowledge, and life experience to help you:
– Identify passion, identity, and purpose in life and business.
– Empower you to achieve your dreams
– Celebrating and thriving with you as you live life purposefully, passionately, and victoriously!

I do not do drama and tell-it-like-it-is. Godly fear and biblical principles guide me, just as I teach you/others into taking back (or to discover) your passion for life.

Now, I embrace every area of life, and I love being a Momtrepreneur!
I am a CEO of a Wellness Centre, Distributor of skincare products, Shareholder in an up-and-coming music production company, Consultant for Business Alchemy, An accredited LEMON Leadership facilitator, Director of TentSA, While I homeschool three of my four children.

TENT is where my love for God combines with my passion for business. Tent International is a resource centre that equips professionals, business people, and students who want to bring the Gospel to new places through life and work.
We dream that there should be at least one Christian in all workplaces and places of study worldwide.

I believe we are designed to work in teams and should be part of something bigger than ourselves.
We are co-labourers with God, and that makes the possibilities endless. I believe this is my secret to success.

When you align your goals with the purposes of people around you and allow each person to shine in their strengths, you reach that sweet spot—where everything comes together. Living with a purpose will enable you to experience the miracle of changing lives all around you.