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Thanks, Elize, for helping us see who we are and what we really mean to our clients. With your help, we could change our treatment menu and help our clients in a deeper, more intimate way and charge them for the complete package. I loved how you assisted us and coaching me in new treatments programs, our unique clients market, marketing, website and social media. Your wisdom and encouragement mean so much. I can now focus on the perfect work/life balance and enjoy every second when I'm with my clients and home. Thank you for being part of our new season, and looking forward to our weekly meetings.

YoulaCEO Makarios Wellness Centre
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The peoples voice!

TiaanCo-Founder of Audio Trove Music Production Company

As an young entrepeneur, Elize and her coaching team has helped me and my team step up our game in our work and our personal lives. With a great attitude and outlook on life, having Elize as your mentor makes it difficult to not become likeminded in your work ethic and outlook, your personal day tot day lives.

JohannFounder and CEO of Business Alchemy

Elize's innovative intervention coaching is a solution for our turbulent times. It assists entrepeneurs and business owners to identify the blind spots in their mindsets and then to address them. This equally applies to the staff. The result is better balanced people working together as an effective team to a common goal.

Services We offer

1:1 Coaching

#ITBM Intervention coaching.
If "I need help" is not something you want to admit too, but you know you need it. Let us answer the tough questions and set you on a new path.

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1:1 Coaching

Business Intervention

Master your purpose! Living purposefully, taking control, and impacting your community while having a work-life balance to enjoy the fruits of your labour is possible!

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Business Intervention

Online Courses

Join our growing Academy for short powerfull online courses that will help you master your purpose

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Online Courses

#ITBM Memberships

# ITBM Free Memberships

  • Get regular updates on what we are doing at #ITBM-Academy.
  • 7 day get you started Plan
  • Join private Facebook group

#ITBM Academy Serious not Curious

  • Be first to know of new courses products and services
  • Plus get 15% Discount on all #ITBM products
  • Join private Facebook group
  • Get one LEMON Leadership Assessment
  • A 30-minute coaching call once a month
  • Perfect for Individuals, or Small business owners

#ITBM Academy - All In

  • Perfect to let your team function as a whole.
  • Get 30% discounts on all products and services
  • Join a private Facebook group
  • Includes one LEMON Assessments a month.
  • One-hour coaching calls a month
  • Access to resources
  • One monthly Workshop
  • Perfect for Small Business

ITBM Events

We have In-Person and online events throughout the year

Online Assessments

Identify which type of leader you are and show you how to apply your specific characteristics within your organisation.

Not sure where to start

I would love to help you embrace your hopes and dreams to be a better wife, mom and businesswomen.

Request for free consultation

If you have any questions or just want to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you! You can get in touch with me directly or submit a request


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